Competitive Intelligence (CI)

  • Gather external (incl. channel checks) and internal intelligence utilizing thorough investigative techniques to provide insights into competitor strategies and SWOTs
  • Generate strategically relevant insights from research and structured analysis and analyze features, capabilities & platforms at the technical/feature level
  • Conduct primary and secondary research of disruptive technologies & companies
  • Enhance marketing, strategic planning, finance and operations by preparing industry, marketing & CI assessments from the unlimited competitive environment
  • Minimize decision risk and reduce uncertainty about external/internal developments
  • Work w/ Corp Dev team to evaluate acquisition candidates, uncover new targets, etc.
  • Incorporate competitive market intelligence into strategic planning

We collect and analyze intelligence to anticipate competitive activity, see past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events to seek opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

We provide a critical component to developing business strategy. We provide insight into external marketplace dynamics and internal challenges in a structured, highly disciplined approach using published/non-published sources and human gathered intelligence.

What We Do: